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September 29, 2013

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Alma Voyce 'struts' up to the green at a recent Piper's Glen Tournament

At 93 next Thursday, October 4th (2013), Alma Voyce is an inspiration.

Born in the year 1920, Voyce is active and, after visiting Port Elgin with her husband Art in 1960, began to be a constant summer visitor until buying a cottage in Gobles Grove.  Upon retirement, the couple would spend summers in Port Elgin and then, like most snowbirds, heads south to North Carolina.

Like many women who lose their husbands, her husband Art passed away in 1993, but unlike some  women, she continued , and continues, to be active in her own interests.

Voyce is an active card player who plays cribbage and euchre at the local Port Elgin Legion and is very active in her local Port of Fellowship Church.

Today, Voyce continues to be an avid golfer with a swing that many men would envy.  She has won several ladies' tournaments and, only seven years ago, shot a hole-in-one.

Her secrets for life?  She is up early in the morning, continues to play golf, plays an active role in her community and her church.

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Voyce takes the wheel!

According to 'sources', she is stubborn, opinionated, determined and a character ... and maybe that's what keeps her young!

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Sunday, September 29, 2013