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Do you think marihuana possession should be decriminalized?

Yes or No








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In this survey there were an inordinate number of multiple votes with a comment that indicated anger and/or frustration.  We counted only one vote whether No or Yes. 

 Multiple voting .... hmmmm.  You can express your opinion easily in the comments without trying to influence the vote one way or another.  Most people just vote and don't comment.


Being a mother of a recovering addict, yes it is for sure a gateway.    Drug!!!!! it starts with pot!!!! Trust me ay

decriminalization of marihuana will only lead to the next step of decriminalization of other drugs.

I have never seen anyone get in a fight after smoking a joint## but have seen many after some beers...

I say this not because I use it but it is now so prevalent in society that it should be treated similar to alcohol and taxed in the same manner.

It helps with back pain, and stress

It is a waste of taxpayers money. Why is alcohol any different?

Let the government tax it like they do booze!

Long over due, focus police resources on the dangerous real drugs out there!

Stay away from the POT and LEAN how to SPELL!

Yes it should but only under extreme regulation from the Government of Canada and local police agencies. It must also be taxed.

You would still need regulations. Defining the amount one is allowed to have in their possession for personal use vs. an amount that clearly becomes a trafficking issue.













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Sunday, September 29, 2013