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 Do you agree with assisted suicide, dying with dignity?

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A Medical Doctor and a Mental Professional would need to be involved to ensure that this is the patient's decision. The word "dignity" should be removed, however, as this should be about offering choices and those who do not choose assisted suicide are not electing to die without dignity.

After watching so many people die in pain I hope we can move forward towards the right to choose. When there is no hope left I would like to have this option.J.Lindhorst

Agree with it but feel it's way too dangerous an issue to legalize - it's a line that could be too easily crossed with someone else deciding on who needs to commit "suicide" and when...

Certainly ...not to become a vegetable and be incapable of doing everything I can for myself.

Dignity is the key and everyone should be able to make this decision

Human beings should not have to suffer for a long time if the inevitable prognosis is death anyway.  They should be able to die with dignity and on their own terms

I agree as long as it is the individual making the deterimination for his or herself

I agree with assisted suicide but only in cases where the patient is of sound mind, terminally Ill and consults with family members and clergy or a counsellor.

I certainly do not believe in assisted suicides!Why,because who has the right to take away a human life.

I do not agree with assisted suicide.  However, I do feel strongly that an individual has the right to refuse treatments that may keep them alive longer, yet at the same time have detrimental effects on their quality of life.

I watched a friend who was given 3 weeks to live. After 3 weeks he was so medicated he had no idea who or where he was.  He remained that way for 3 months before he passed.  He had no quality of life and the stress on his family was horrific.  There has to be a better way.

if hopeless then why not

If there is no hope of recovery and I am in extreme, uncontrolled pain, I don't want to live and let my family see me and remember me that way.  I want out on my terms.

Individual  right 

It is definetly the only thing to do why prolong the agony for both the victim and the family.

It is time to revisit this issue and get with the times. If you have a debilitating or termional disease you should be able to chose if would like to die before it becomes painful for you or your family.

Long over due.

Making that personal decision while of sound mind is essential .For the people watching their loved  one suffer when there is no hope is certainly not the definition of dying with dignity in my mind.

No one has the right to make others suffer. "Walk a mile in someone else's shoes and then you might have the right to make a judgement."

ONLY for those suffering from a terminal illness and are of sound mind, dyig with dignity is of utmost importance. To make this decision could be the only control they have over their illness.  As tragic as it woould be for a family, hopefully they could find some peace in knowing their loved one "did it their way"

people need some control over dying.

Plugging the plug on a family member is something very few people could do. There would always be doubt if it was the right thing to do.  However, I believe doctors can make it possible  for a terminally ill patient to end their own life with dignity.  The method could be made to be done gradually, therefore eliminating the possibility of having doubts.

Provided one's capacity for decision making is clearly in tact this should be a very personal and respected right.

There is absolutley no question about this. It should happen just like we put our pets down. People do not need to suffer AT ALL.

Times are a changing.  We treat our pets with more dignity. It is obvious when a person is in much discomfort and no upside in sight.

we as a society are able to offer our pets a more humane end to their suffering, than we can offer our most cherished loved ones. Often our end of life does not occur without a total loss of all function and dignity. SAD !

we put our pets down to end any suffering yet we watch family and friends go through things we would never wish upon our worst enemy. in extreme cases i say YES!

We treat our animals demise with more dignity than our human companions. Suicide should never be from depression or substance abuse but a person should have the right to soberly and rationally choose their own exit.

Yes , why should animals have more empathy than humans !

Yes I sure as heck do .. We treat our pets with more dignity and respect than we do some of our human beings.  I have watched way to many people die suffering, when it was known they weren't going to get better.














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Sunday, October 20, 2013