Letters to the Editor

by Sandy Lindsay


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It has come to our attention that some readers feel the Saugeen Times has refused to print 'Letters to the Editor'. 

As with any publication, we have the obligation to publish facts and not innuendo or falsehoods or, knowingly, misinformation that cannot be corroborated.

While we pride ourselves on getting information out to our readers as soon as possible, it is at times impossible, given the number of events that we also cover in the area.  'Letters to the Editor' are vitally important to give the community a voice however, if we have to choose between a letter and/or a time sensitive event, we often decide on the latter, with the letter to follow later when time constraints are not as pressing.

Also, while most 'letters' are published under 'Letters to the Editor', if we feel a submission is not a 'letter' but pertinent to a specific subject, we publish under that subject as a 'submission' piece.  For instance, a submission relating to the DGR issue or technology will, in all probability, be found under those specific categories.

In addition, we have received "Letters to the Editor" that are sent from corporate sites with a copyright disclaimer, which  means we cannot publish.  We have also received letters with links to other countries that require translation.  We do not have the time to follow up on these and, quite frankly, some of these links also lead to invasive virus attacks

We trust this clears up any misunderstandings that some of our readers purportedly have had regarding Letters to the Editor

Saugeen Times attempts to provide the highest quality community-based news in the most timely fashion and we are here to serve the community,  but .... even we are not perfect!


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Tuesday, September 04, 2012