Many drivers don't believe in traffic rules


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Holiday traffic on Hwy. 21 at Rail Trail Crossing looking north ...

... Looking south, a vehicle passes on the right on the shoulder

Further to the accident at the Rail Trail crossing on Hwy. 21 at Hi-Berry Farms on Friday (Aug. 3) Click Here , Saugeen Times spent much of the holiday weekend documenting incidents ... a.k.a. ... an accident waiting to happen.

Busy traffic in both directions ... motorists pull on to shoulder to pass a stopped vehicle ...

Looking south ... the vehicle finally can make a left turn into Hi-Berry Farms while two more pull out on to the shoulder and pass on the right ... Rail Trail crossing for cyclists is mere feet away on right

Heavy traffic in both directions resulted in impatient drivers who repeatedly passed on the shoulder of the highway, mere feet from the Rail Trail crossing where cyclists and pedestrians wait to cross the highway.  

In one instance, a motor vehicle pulled on to the shoulder and passed five cars that were stopped to let a driver make a left hand turn.  If there had been a cyclist or pedestrian waiting to cross, he/she/they would have been struck down.

While many people, including the owners of Hi-Berry Farms, have gone to Town Council with suggestions on how to improve the area for cyclists and pedestrians, the section of highway involved is under the provincial jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation.

Perhaps, the only way to be heard is to take up a petition and send it to the Minister in charge ... before someone is killed at this location.


A van (L) passes on the right on the unpaved shoulder as another waits to turn into Hi-Berry Farms

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Monday, August 06, 2012