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Do you think balanced information is being presented to the community on the proposed DGR?

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In this survey there were an inordinate number of multiple votes with a comment that indicated anger and/or frustration.  We counted only one vote whether No or Yes. 

 Multiple voting .... hmmmm.  You can express your opinion easily in the comments without trying to influence the vote one way or another.  Most people just vote and don't comment.


Yes from the town and No from the SRA/SOS

The SRA/SOS are providing totally unbalanced information.  Their bias is affecting the whole community.  Most  are 'out of town/one percenters' and    DO NOT REFLECT THE VALUES OF THE VAST    MAJORITY OF THE COMMUNITY!

Perception is reality. The mayor and council do not understand those words and what it means for Saugeen Shores.

NWMO is making its case and the Town just disseminates NWMO's information. There is a counter view being presented  as well as alternate information but not by the Town or the NWMO but by SRA and SOS.

Neither side is presenting unbiased info to the communit, not NWMO  not  SOS or SRA. All involved have their    own agenda.

Mention of the risks are cleverly being avoided and/or downplayed by the    NWMO . The Town has not provided    residents with balanced information in    any of the communications sent to date.

It's the industry's problem and they're making in our    problem

It is amazing how an 'individual' can make a lot out of nothing. Some people are so gullible. 

I feel that very good balanced information is either being presented or being made available.  Unfortunately    an uninformed minority is making this  hard to determine.

I continue to follow the comments in the media but feel that it is best to support our council in their    decision to seek further information.

Certainly the town seems to be attempting fair and balanced information.  However the SRASOS seems    to be spewing out anything possible to scare residents and get attention. They are an embarrassment to the    community!

 Yes I do think we are getting balanced information.  I really don't  think its a good thing for our community to have the DGR  but lets at  least look at it  with OPEN MINDS.

 Yes and no....the 'information'    provided by the SRASOS is not at all  balanced but rather based on fear and  ignorance. Information provided by the proponents of the DGR seems to be both scientific and factual  .I guess it's up to us to strike the balance !!!!

 Yes  I think that the info is out there and accurate;

 We stand 100% behind our mayor and council and fully believe we are receiving balanced information from    them. We are life long Southampton residents and are actually embarrassed by the actions of the SRA and SOS. It saddens us to see our community divided by these misdirected groups.

Too much publicity and intimidation    from groups opposed to DGR.  Do they not realize this process is only for dispersing of information to allow us to make an informed decision in future which may or may not be beneficial to Saugeen Shores.

 This is difficult to answer unless    you clarify presented by who or what group .I do not support  SOS or SRA.   I think that people have to make an effort to learn more but the information is available if they are interested.

 They tell us we will  at the end of the day  have the final say but  just    like the windmills  this project will    be forced upon us by Federal    Government and our niave council.    Shame on them

 The Town is certainly giving us unbiased info    The others are only acting like young children who can not get their way

 The Town Concil is protecting its position with OPG. The reasons for    being involved in this process have    been flawed from the very beginning.     

The SRA and the SOS messages are heavily biased. Any damage to the   community reputation is being caused by   the 'Dump' signs not the possibility of a DGR.

 The SOS and SRA are plastering our town with alarming signs and billboards. They do not offer    information. They are simply fear mongering without basis in fact.

 The only info. emanating from the Town is lifted from the NWMO material.   Show us the pros and cons associated   with the DGR     

 The only info I read is from those opposed.

The NWMO consistently refuses to have an educational session with questions and answers from the audience. They have been approached on more than one    occasion.

 The big companies always have the money to produce a big show and buy    off the decision makers.

 SRA?SOS have contaminated the process with fear mongering  alteration of    facts and twisting of details.

 sra/sos are on emotions only


 SOS and SRA have hijacked and distorted the process and are    preventing the residents from getting    the information they need about the    transportation and storage of spent    nuclear fuel. Nuclear fuel is essential    and these groups are doing much more    damage than good to our community with their aggressive and abusive campaign and signage.

 People just have to calm down and listen, instead of reacting first and  not listening at all...

 One of the most unregulated industries   in Canada is trying to bury things under ground. Remember when Bruce Power was   NOT owned by Ontarians? (Oh ya...)

 NWMO only tells what they want us to know.The Town Council should hold meetings when EVERYONE can attend.

 NWMO has web sites and has had open  houses.  You can ask them questions.  SRASOS has offensive signs and anti  nuke scare movies that are orchestrated.

No.  I think the SRA and the SOS are fear mongering and are not presenting    a balanced approach.  I applaud our  Town Council for wanting to learn more.

 No  the Southampton group is fear mongering and this is distracting from true information

 More than ever  I think the NWMO is doing a good job

 More learning is to be done before we can make a decision

 Mayor and Council say they want to learn more  but we have not heard more. We hear a lot about why we    should not have the DGR from prostestors  but not much about the    alternative. A balanced appraoch means    informing the community about the pros and the cons intelligently.

 Lets get all of the information on the   on the subject before we go screaming   the sky is falling the sky is falling.   It might not fall here at all. Our elected officials are doing what they   are supposed to do  get all the facts first.

 It is the classic case of 'don't bite    the hand that feeds you.'  There are    too many people afraid to speak up.

 Is there really such a thing    as 'BALANCED' information?  Aren't we just test lab rats in the grand scheme    of things?

 I'm satisfied that council has decided to continue the process to    evaluate Saugeen Shores as a possible    site for a DGR.  I'm sorry for those who through ignorance and fear refuse    to explore this opportunity.

 if all a lobby group can do is promote fear while downgrading our    town with signs and billboards they    should spend more time on positive    thoughts find a peaceful balance in life

 I think way too much press is being   given to the SOS and SRA groups.  The   town council is gathering the   information as it becomes available and   the SOS and SRA groups are 'jumping the   gun' and the press is giving them the   coverage .  

 I think NWMO has plenty

 I see no logic in selecting any community close to the fresh waters of the great lakes for such a dynamic    project.

 I believe the 'anti' side is far too aggressive & misleading to allow for a   neutral discussion.

 I believe that our council has given everyone in our community the best information possible.  There has not  been any decisions made as to where it  will be    we are only looking at the information and proceeding in a    rationale manor.

 How can people ever believe that the  agency that wants us to bury the fuel is also objective in what they present?    Secondly  the fact that they will not    take part in a town hall meeting is all  I need to know about their commitment     and the commitment of town council to    democracy.

 Factual information is being presented. A small faction SOS and SRA refuse to except the facts.

 except it is difficult to hear the practical logic of Mr sterling with all the SKY IS FALLING messages of the    sos. What is the real agenda of the sos?

 But we need to be respectful of differing opinions and try to proceed in a positive manner so that the reputation of Saugeen Shores is not put in jeopardy.

 Bob Shave's letter should be    published. I believe he sent it to you!

 At least by the NWMO. not the SRASOS.


 A lot of us would like to find out the facts. Not just the fear mongering of a select few. I think council    should be given the chance to do that.    It's like the two opposition groups to the DGR don't want that to happen.

The councillors are getting their info from the wrong     groups those not giving our the correct info.  Those    who have not researched all the info and the reason    why countries are rejecting the DGR .  Arlene Letheren










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