Teens who follow their dreams


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Pilot Sarah Zabo

If anyone is living the 'Amazing Wonders of Aviation', it is Andy Plater and Sara Zabo.

The two teens were recently asked to speak at that annual Heroes on the Move held in Port Elgin because each is an example of what young people are accomplishing in life.

Sarah Zabo started flying when she was 14 Edenville flying an Advanced Ultralight, a small two-seater plane.

"The reason I started flying, and started flying there," she says,  "was because my dad had taken me to a ground school that re-sparked an interest from my childhood. From there, I moved to the Owen Sound Flying School and continued my lessons with a Cessna-172 (a four-seater aeroplane). Taking my first solo (flying the plane without the instructor) first at the age of 15 was a huge thrill that just made my love for aviation grow. Finally, in the summer of 2011, I became a licensed pilot at the age of 19.

In order to become licensed was a lengthy process and, at times, Zabo found it difficult to fit her hobby of flying in with school work, part-time job, sports, volunteering with a youth group, youth band and Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving.

According to Zabo however, hard work eventually pays off.  "After a practical and written flight test," she explains,  "I obtained my private pilot licence and could finally take my family up for a flight!"

"Aviation is my passion. When I am in the air, all my worries and stresses leave me. I am at a whole new level of calm. Itís a love that will never cease to exist and itís an addiction that I will never kick!"

Her advice to others is, "|If thereís a small spark of interest, it may just ignite a fire for a new passion."


Warrant Officer Andy Plater

Like Zabo, Andy Plater, has a passion for flying.  A long-time member of Air Cadets, Warrant Officer Still in his teens, Plater is now a licensed pilot in addition to holding a Glider License.

Plater also stresses, "Find something you want to do and then go for it!"

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Sunday, July 22, 2012