Saugeen Ojibway Nation elder and author launches book

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Vernon Roote (R) leads dance of honour

Saugeen Women sing songs of welcome and honour

Vernon Roote, former chief of Saugeen First Nation and Council member, has decided to share his personal teachings and how they apply to men today through a new book ... M'daa Kendaaswin - To Look for Knowledge.

Vernon Roote signs copies of his book

Roote not only shares his personal stories and how many men grow up without fathers in their lives but also speaks to those boys and men who are searching for advice on "how to be a good man".

"I wanted this to be a simple teaching of how men should grow and support their families," says Roote.

Vernon Roote

Wab Kinew, a CBC radio producer and host who exemplifies what it means to be multicultural, holds a Bachelor or Arts degree in training in Traditional Medicine, is also an award winner of the Adrienne Clarkson RTNDS Award and has been nominated for a Gemini.

He also wrote the forward to Roote's book:

"There are many problems facing the First Nation people today.  Yet for all of the problems in our community, there is one solution: to raise a new generation of people who know they are important enough to be healthy, feel good about themselves enough to achieve, and who are strong enough to keep going even when the chips are down.  We have the power to conquer all of the obstacles we face.  We can do it together.  But it starts with you."

Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON), celebrated the launch of the book at the Saugeen First Nation Amphitheatre. 


Saugeen Women's sing songs to welcome visitors and honour Vernon Roote

Drummers from Albertville travelled to take part in the celebration with many drumming songs of honour in addition to the Saugeen women's drumming corps.


Drumming in honour of author, Vernon Roote

Vernon Roote, former Chief of Saugeen First Nation, is sharing his experiences.  His book is available at Ningwakwe Learning Press in Owen Sound.

For more information call Maria @ 519-372-9855 or Pedobonoque@519-797-2392.

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Friday, July 06, 2012