Saugeen Ojibway Nation Amphitheatre & Gardens a gem


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Overlooking the Saugeen River

A pond filled with water lillies

Normally, the Saugeen Times simply prints Letters to the Editor as written.  This time however, we agreed with the author that the subject warranted photos of the gardens and, therefore, we visited the gardens and took photos that support the letter we received.

Thanks to the Whites.

Hello Editor  ....

My husband and I have just visited the Saugeen Ojibway Nation Amphitheatre and Gardens...as we do several times every summer.

I want to let you know that  the gardens at the moment  are in the best condition I have ever seen them....perfection !... with a wealth of lilies to bloom shortly ... and the meadow below the upper gardens  is  showing lots of wildflowers.\

Incredible lillies

Those of us who live here are very fortunate to have this spot on  our doorstep ... and SON#29 is to be commended for the wonderful work they are doing.

A Memory

I have many photos from this evening...and you are most welcome to  use any that you wish....or perhaps you might rather send the young man Mr. Roote to     take his own shots.

Bev White.


Flower beds filled with colour

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Friday, July 06, 2012