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Galaxy Cache

Written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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An Internet cache is a storage area on your computer, pad of phone where recent web pages are stored.

Designers of these devices save the recently used pages downloaded from the Internet on your computer.

They want to save time in case you want to go back to a page that you recently  viewed.  If that page has changed there are many cases where you cannot convince your browser to let go of the cache and update what you see. You want to  get the latest information and NOT what is stored in the cache.

Most browsers or good programs have a way to clean out the cache.  Programs like gmail have little symbols to update the current web page.  Google's symbol is:.

Canadian Community News (Saugeen Times, Kincardine Times and Walkerton News use a fancier button.  It's shown below.  If you click it, this page that you are viewing now will be refreshed because the program behind it is demanding to have the latest version downloaded to you from the web browser.

Main Page for the Saugeen Times

That's all well and good, but the Galaxy Tablet by Samsun holds on to the cache with a death grip and finding out how to clear it takes some digging.  Once it is cleared you can use the symbol shown above in the major pages of the Saugeen and Kincardine Times and Walkerton News to refresh from the cache. 

Many developers for the Galaxy complain bitterly about the difficulty of refreshing.  We have some instructions for you on how to clear the cache for the Galaxy.

Here is a picture of the tablet:

Here is how to clear the cache:

  • Power your pad on or get to the home page by hitting the button right in the middle, if you don't want to power off and on.

  • Unlock your tablet via a sweep from left to right.

  • Select the web browser symbol

  • Click on the  symbol on your Galaxy (shown in orange circle above)

  • A settings list will come up.

  • Go to privacy and security.  You might have to scroll down for it.

  • Touch Clear Cache.

That should do it.





Click the orange arrow to read the second column

As an aside these tablets have a long way to go.  Navigating them can be a chore.  Also, they are sometimes "too touchy" because casual moves of your hand brushing the tablet cause unforeseen consequences.

All these nuances in these devices have to go away for them to be really useful.  At this point there is no really good pad that I've used.  I'd like to try Microsoft's Surface.  It is closer to a laptop because it really is a laptop.

This idea of the death grip on the cache is troublesome and bothers developers a great deal.  The main pages on the Saugeen, Kincardine Times and Walkerton news update every 3 minutes, but use the refresh/reload button for quick update.


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Tuesday, November 05, 2013