Preliminary hearing in Kincardine Nov. 21 regarding appeal
against Armow Wind project

By Liz Dadson


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A preliminary hearing will be held Thursday, Nov. 21, in Kincardine, regarding an appeal by a Kincardine couple against the Armow Wind project.

Developed by Samsung and Pattern (SP) Armow Wind Ontario GP Inc., the 180-megawatt industrial wind turbine facility would be located in the former Kincardine Township, northeast of the Kincardine Airport, in the Municipality of Kincardine.

The project received approval through the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) last month, and the proponents were hoping to have construction under way this year and the wind farm up and running by 2014 [see the article below].

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Ken and Sharon Kroeplin, who own a 100-acre family farm on the 7th Concession of Kincardine Township, have launched an appeal to the Environmental Review Tribunal, against the proposed 92-turbine Armow Wind project. 

The Kroeplins live on the farm which is used primarily for cash crops and has been in the family for about 30 years. They are concerned about their health, given that one of the proposed Armow Wind turbines will be located within 599 metres of their home, and another 12 turbines within two kilometres.

The appeal was filed through the Toronto legal firm Falconers LLP.

In the notice of appeal, the Kroeplins, through their solicitor, argue that the Armow Wind project will cause serious harm to human health.

"Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) are known to cause a range of serious health effects," states the document. "These health effects include, but are not limited to, the following: sleep disturbance, headache, ear pressure, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, visual blurring, tachycardia, irritability, problems with concentration, excessive tiredness, and loss of quality of life. 

"These effects can lead to increased morbidity and significant chronic disease and health effects. The constellation of symptoms related to IWTs has been termed 'wind turbine syndrome'. These effects are produced by exposure to IWTs and will be produced by exposure to the IWTs in the SP Armow Wind Project."

In addition, the notice of appeal states that the project poses a serious risk to public safety in respect of setbacks from roads, the general maintenance and operation of the project, lack of fire protection protocol, ice throw and ice drop which are all harms to human health.

"Research has demonstrated that health effects are likely caused by exposure to infrasound, low frequency noise, audible noise, visual impact and shadow flicker. Serious harm to human health is not limited to direct impacts, but also includes indirect impacts which increase the risk of developing significant disease and health effects. These serious health effects are increased when a residence is within two kilometres of an IWT.

"The (Ontario) Ministry of the Environment has recognized that IWTs generate audible noise emissions that cause material discomfort to residents in and around their homes when such homes are in close proximity to the IWT. 

"The Ministry of the Environment has also recognized that the adverse health effects for residents have been so substantial that residents have been forced to abandon their homes, and that project owners have also purchased residentsí properties so as to silence their health concerns."

The Kroeplins will be seeking a stay of the REA decision, in order to stop the Armow Wind project from proceeding.

A hearing date has been set for Dec. 19, in Kincardine.

To read the Notice of Appeal, click here.

To read the Notice of Constitutional Question, click here.

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Thursday, November 07, 2013