Vi Thompson of Bervie W.I. wins Women of Excellence Fair Award

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Virene "Vi" Thompson of the Bervie Women's Institute was recognized with an award at the annual Bruce County Women’s Institute Rally, held in Paisley, Oct. 24.

The Woman of Excellence Fair Award is presented annually by the Women’s Institute to recognize the long-standing contributions of women to the community, agriculture and local fairs. 

The recipient is to be a woman who has distinguished herself as a leader and role model by contributing to the personal growth and success of others, who is respected by her community for these contributions and who, through her sustained commitment, has made a significant difference.  

Mrs. Thompson has served her community tirelessly as a 4-H leader, Kincardine Agricultural Society member and Women’s Institute member, as well as being active in her church and community while raising a family and working with her husband on their busy dairy farm. 

She exhibited leadership in all of these groups, serving locally on executives and committees, as well as on the board of the Bruce County Museum and Archives. 

Thompson brings her pleasant, conscientious work ethic to every new challenge and is a very deserving recipient of this award.

Brenda Ramsdale (L), president of the Bruce County Women's Institute, presents the Woman of Excellence Fair Award to Virene Thompson of the Bervie W.I.

Virene Thompson of the Bervie Women's Institute has received the Woman of Excellence Fair Award

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013