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 Should schools monitor lunches brought by students and confiscate 'unhealthy' items?

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They should spend their time teaching and stay out of the lunches!

Absolutely not! Maybe educating students of a more healthy diet could bring about a healthier lunch choice, but in many households a bad choice may be the only available choice. No one should confiscate anything.

Definitely not! We are not a "police state yet Send info home with the students as suggestions for a healthier lunch.

Educate the kids, but do not become "Big Brother" by monitoring and confiscating, that's a bit over the edge.

Education re healthy foods would be more to the point.  Who would be the food "police"?  Teachers have enough to do!

Everyone has the right to choose what they eat, healthy or not.

I have voted no but do so with hesitation.  It is expected that the parents or parent should be able to decide what is healthy and what is not.  The schools should only get involved if there is a very bad situation and then bring in professionals from the Health Unit to assist in educating the parent or parents.

I should perhaps be recorded and a letter sent home (VIA MAIL) to the parents

I think the schools are personal enough kids have to be kids for a while in their lives. They don't have to grow up at 4 years old . let them be kids. besides some parents can only do what they can. Not all Parents are hydroids

If my children have packed lunches at school, it's because I packed them and I decide what they eat. Not the school. In their ill attempt to create healthier eating, they are instead creating eating disorders. What may be deemed best for most is not suitable to everyone.

If schools want to control what the children are eating they should provide lunches otherwise they should stay out of it.  Not all children are blessed with rich and/or parents educated in healthy food choices.

Instead of monitoring school lunches for unhealthy choices, staff should be educating students and parents about healthy choices,

invasion of privacy and may cause undue stress for poorer families

It is none of the schools business what people eat.  It could be a reward sent by a mother for her child.  Government invades enough on our private lives. 

It is none of their business.

It is not the school's responsibility to enforce healthy eating habits unless food is provided by them.  This is a family decision weather it is a well balanced lunch or a not.

It is obvious by looking at the general population of the county that adults need some education on quality food selection. Starting with children is a solid first step. How about offering tax deductions to adults engaged in sporting activities or gym memberships to help reduce the bulge.

It may be the only thing the student eats that day, even if it is considered unhealthy.

It should be still up to the parents to monitor their children's meals.  I am sure the teachers have more than enough to do than police the lunch boxes.

kids will sneak it in anyways or eat more junk at home. goes too far

Let the parents be the ones to monitor their own children.


More and more educators are being assigned the roles once done by most  parents. When are some parents going to start doing their jobs and not keep piling higher the expectations on schools to compensate for their neglect? Parents initially chose this role willingly....  now follow through and do your job!!!

My daughter's teacher said she couldn't eat the home made muffin I made until last snack. Therefore she didn't eat a full meal at lunch.  She was scared to eat all week because of that incident. It's just sad to see what some people do.

No, but explain the benefits of healthy eating.

No, I think this idea is ridiculous. Educating the students and their parents on what healthier choices are will go a lot further. Also, teaching about having less healthy things, but in moderation because it is very unrealistic to say never have them.

No. The school's authority should not undermine the parent(s)' decisions.

not all parents can afford everything the schools are requiring

Parents and caregivers know what is healthy and what isn't.  Sometimes a special snack is given as a treat, or it may be the only snack available before shopping day.  A bad snack once in awhile isn't going to end the world.  Leave it up to the parents and let the teachers, teach.

Parents often put treats into lunchboxes for a reason..as a reward, a motivation, or just an "I love you"...schools have no right to interfere with that.

Parents raise children, teachers educate them. Leave the lunch selection to the parents.

Parents should know what is unhealthy for their child.Schools are to teachnot to parent.

Perhaps a better approach would be to promote healthy eating through health classes - offering cooking classes where students shop for their own ingredients would be beneficial as well.  And, look to G.C. Huston's lunch program run by Rebecca Cushnie as a great example of promoting healthy and FUN eating!

School Boards and government in general SHOULD NOT be directly interfering in lifr style choices - one thing to educate; totally an otherting to dictate.

Schools do enough babysitting of children. Parents need to start acting like parents and taking care of their children.

Schools should stay out of the students lunch bags.Serve a healthy lunch in school. Period.

Schools should stick to the business of teaching.

Seriously,  shouldn't the schools focus its resources in trying to solve why those who graduate cannot read write or do simple math. Fix this and then they can move on to other issues

Sounds good in theory but the sole responsibility for what children eat should be the parents job, not the teachers. Teachers are already on the hook to manage too many issues on a daily basis. They should be able to teach.

Sounds good in theory but the sole responsibility for what children eat should be the parents job, not the teachers. Teachers are already on the hook to manage too many issues on a daily basis. They should be able to teach.

Student lunches are the responsibility of the household, healthy or not.  With the cost of food today being high and the "healthy" foods the highest ,(go figure)not every family can supply a totally "healthy" lunch 5 days a week.Teachers should not get into confiscating unhealthy lunch items.

Students could use more education on why it's important to eat healthy food. Also, whose definition of 'unhealthy' would we use? Studies have shown processed meat to be extremely unhealthy but I don't think anyone would want their deli meat sandwiches confiscated.

That's going way to far. After the students who and what are they going to target next. Who's to say what's healthy and what's not?

The Schools should mind their business which is to teach only.

The students need to be educated to make 'best' choice.  We are not in a dictatorship...

This is a form of education, so yes...Schools should also educate parents on proper nutrition since it is clear most are unaware of health issues associated with poor food choices. It is not a child's fault that they have poor food choices.

This is going too far. There are children going to school whose parents can't afford what is "considered healthy"  As we all know the healthy food costs more than the processed.

Unfortunately, this is yet one more thing teachers need to do because parents don't parent properly.

Unless the school has something to replace the confiscated item the student will go hungry. That doesn't seem right.

we complain that our children are overweight and obese, time to start to reverse this trend

Well meaning but misquided! It is better to educate and set examples NOT centre out students but praise good behaviour!!!

Well meaning but misquided! It is better to educate and set examples NOT centre out students but praise good behaviour!!!

What a parent sends his child to school with, or what he or she wants to feed their child is THEIR BUSINESS. This is going WAY WAY to far!

What has happened to parent responsibility?

Where do you draw the line between Healthy & Unhealthy?

Who would decide on what is healthy? Are there two people out there that can agree?















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Tuesday, November 19, 2013