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Written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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If you go out to the well run landfill in Southampton and drop off old equipment in the e-waste section, you will be amazed.

Yes, there are a lot of giant 'fat screen TVs', old computers and even laptops, but there are many printers and combination scanner printers.  It's the grave yard for poor selections.

Most of the printers are the colour hungry variety that are cheap to purchase, but hard to feed.  They eat ink like a 1952 Buick eats gas.  The costs of the replacement cartridges are a shock to most people trying to print their colour snapshots.

When it comes time to print some black and white document, they can do it, but its always with a wary eye on the ink supply.

I gave that type of printer up years ago as it was clear that they were almost giving the printer away and becoming rich on the ink.

I got a standard Hewlett-Packard laser jet printer.  I still have it and it works wonderfully.  It's an HP 1020 model.  I've replaced the cartridge just once in maybe 5 years.  I've printed tickets to events and all sorts of things on it.  Never a problem!

With  mobile devices that are all wireless, it makes sense to get a wireless printer.  Children need it too for school.

You can tuck it away someplace.  It only has a single cord that plugs it in and that's all.

When you access it remotely (within your wireless range), it turns on, prints your document and shuts off.  If you have run out of paper, put some in and it prints what is queued up.  Very nice.

The printer is small compared to the old heavy and bulky ones.  It prints the standard paper sizes.

The model number is HP LaserJet P1102W

It's not too expensive.  You'll make up any difference quickly in ink costs.

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You can buy it at computer outlets and easily online at www.amazon.ca

One thing ... Do yourself a favour and get some good 22-24 lb paper for it or any printer for that matter.  If you get the cheap, thin stuff you are asking for jams.  I've never seen the P1102W jam, but it probably will with bad paper or careless loading.

Oh, but you say:  "I want to print my colour family photos!"  My advice is to put ones you want to print on a USB thumb drive and go to a store where they print colour documents.  It's far less expensive than feeding those poor quality colour printers that seem to die out at the landfill.

The people who print colour photos commercially have the best equipment and lots of ink.  You can make a real mess replacing those expensive and nasty cartridges.

Sadly, I've made this recommendation may times.  Few believe me until they've had a couple of bad colour printers and finally given up.  You can get good ones, but they are horribly expensive and they drink a river of ink.


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Sunday, December 29, 2013