Ripley senior students
hold successful toy drive


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Grades 7/8 teacher Barb Grubb (L) with her Helping Hands in the toy drive, Tanner Reid, Carson Watson, Luke Richardson, Jacob Lotton, Callie Martyn and Annie Leppington
photos courtesy of principal Graham Martin

Barb Grubb's Grades 7/8 class at Ripley-Huron Community School held a successful toy drive as part of the Helping Hands theme this year.

With the help of the community, the senior students were able to collect $432 in Canadian Tire money. They used the money to purchase toys to help families locally, as well as for Ronald McDonald House.  

The students and staff appreciate Kincardine Canadian Tire store dealer John Satosek for covering an additional $160 in purchases!  

Thanks also to McDonald’s manager Cathy Ferrill-Ravell for donating hot chocolate for the students, helping the class reach its goal and getting the toys to Ronald McDonald House.Also, thanks to volunteer driver Laurie Martyn for her assistance with this project.

Thank you to the Helping Hands who chipped in to support those who need a hand this holiday season.

Way to go, Ripley Ravens, and thanks for caring!

Teacher Barb Grubb (R) with students Jacob Lotton (L) and Luke Richardson load the toys into the vehicle

With the carts of toys are Carson Watson (L), Jacob Lotton, Luke Richardson, Barb Grubb, Tanner Reid, Callie Martyn and Annie Leppington

Helping purchase items for the toy drive are Callie Martyn (L), Annie Leppington and Tanner Reid

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Saturday, December 21, 2013