Ripley-Huron Community School welcomes Q-Mack; hosts Christmas concert


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Q-Mack (L) gets some help from Jacob Lange in doing a basketball trick, during the show, Dec. 5, at Ripley-Huron Community School
photos courtesy of principal Graham Martin

The Kindergarten students perform on their drums at the Ripley-Huron Community School Christmas concert Dec. 12

The primary choir performs

The Grade 4 choir sings its part, resplendent in hats and sunglasses

The Grade 1 choir performs

The Grade 5 students perform on their recorders, under the direction of music teacher and band leader Janet Browne (R)

Students at Ripley-Huron Community School welcomed back Q-Mack and J-Box, Thursday, Dec. 5

This year, the pair focused on respect, confidence- building and anti-bullying.

QUINCY MACK - Nickname: Q-Mack - has been a Nike Pro basketball freestyler and signed event host for 10 years.

He is the master of more than 100 dazzling basketball tricks and has worked closely with NBA MVPs LeBron James, Steve Nash, and Shaquille O'Neal. Q-Mack currently has his own TV show in development and is the published author of the book "Dare To Be Different".

SCOTT JACKSON - Nickname: J-Box - is the country's best beat-boxer.

He represented Canada in the World Championships in Europe and made it to the finals of Canada's Got Talent. He is a vocal sound-effects genius - all he needs is his mouth and a microphone. He's like a "Human I-Pod!"

A week later, at Ripley-Huron Community School, the students hosted the annual Christmas concert, showcasing lots of great talent.

Tremendous MCs for the concert were Avery Perrier and Wesley  Ellis.


MC Avery Perrier welcomes the crowd to the Christmas concert Dec. 12, at Ripley-Huron Community School

Sophia Booth (L) has a chance to do a basketball trick under the watchful eye of Q-Mack

J-Box (L) chats with the students

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Thursday, December 19, 2013