What's next - the 'light bulb police'?


January 10, 2013


by Sandy Lindsay

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On January 1, 2014, the Federal Government put into effect a ban on incandescent light bulbs of 75 and 100 watts, with a complete ban for January 1, 2015.

Once again government is telling consumers what is best for them.  Now, we have a choice between the  expensive halogen bulbs, LEDs or the common toxic compact fluorescents (CFLs).

This is the government's big contribution to ... climate change.  Are they kidding? 

Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb must be rolling over in his grave.  We have gone from a safe source of incandescent light provided from a simple filament to one that is toxic, and believe me I speak from experience.

Like many others, I wanted to do my part for the environment and changed all the bulbs in my home to compact fluorescents in order to conserve energy.  One night last week, while sitting in my living room, I began to smell the most incredibly offensive odour.  It was unlike anything I have ever smelled ... it wasn't smoke, fire or natural gas.  I investigate and, when I opened the door to my den, I could not breathe. 

A compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL)  (3 years old) had 'burned out', separated from its base and was so molten hot it could not be unscrewed from the lamp.  I quickly pulled the plug but by then the gas had filled my home.  I opened windows and doors and turned on all my ceiling fans while closing doors to other rooms.  I literally could not breathe and shut my pets in another room.

Toxic?  It was unbelievable! My eyes were watering and my throat felt raw ... all in a matter of minutes.  What if the lamp had accidently been left on all night and everyone was asleep?  Simple.  I would not be here to write this.

We are also warned about touching the CFLs as they are filled with deadly mercury and you cannot throw them into the garbage.  Once cooled my son removed it very carefully from the socket and placed it in a plastic ziplock bag.  It is now in my garage waiting for hazardous waste removal day.

This government seems prone to passing laws before thinking them through.  The Conservative attempts to appease those who are worried about climate change (and I am one) have, in fact, done little to nothing.

Banning light bulbs?  Are they kidding?  We have 'tar sands' in Alberta that are destroying the climate, water and the land.  Again, I know from experience because I have been there and the sight is frightening.  Miles of nothing but pits filled with equipment and massive trucking operations.

Now, the Federal government wants to build a permanent highway over the permafrost to the high Arctic.  They say it's to make it easier to transport goods to the people who live there.  Again, I have been there. People who live there do so out of choice and have adapted to it and what is needed to live there, including stocking up on supplies for long winters. 

A permanent road wouldn't possibly be for oil exploration and trucking of equipment and/or oil ... would it?

We have jets that take off every 30 seconds or less from every major airport around the world.  We have major expressway highways with bumper to  bumper traffic.  But, the one thing we soon won't have are those safe incandescent light bulbs!  Wow!  What a relief!


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By the way ... do I still have all those CFLs?  Nope.  I removed them all, every single one.  I will not have them in my home where I,  my family and my pets may one day not be so lucky!  For what is, in the grand scheme of things, a matter of pennies, I'll go for what is safe.

Besides, when you work out the buying cost of the expensive toxic bulbs vs, the cost of turning on incandescents, what are you really saving?

In the process, I have literally stocked up on Mr. Edison's bulbs.  Perhaps, I shouldn't let anyone know because you never know ... what's next ... the 'light bulb police'?

For anyone who wants to help stop this asinine move by the government, go to www.stopthelightbulbban.ca , a site set up, by the way, by a Conservative Member of Parliament, a voice of reason in a mire of irrational lunacy when it comes to light.

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