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Written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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Google is definitely undergoing growing pains.  There is an element of 'not quite done' about their products.

If they were an automobile, they would be fast, but not comfortable. 

I'll give you a couple of examples:

Googel Chrome:

Upper right hand corner of Google Chrome

Yes, it's the fastest and it is reliable, but come on Google. Are you crazy?  Don't you have some quality control people lurking around some place?

 Let's look at the favorites in the upper right hand corner. (see picture above)

Yes, there is the big star that allows you to assign a page as a favorite, but look at the size of the icon to recall past favorites.  It's that tiny >> thing to the left of the folders icon.  Wow, where is  my magnifying glass?

When I first started using Google Chrome, I completely overlooked it.  If you are using a touchpad, it's way to small to select without enlargement. 

Google, please make it bigger and put it near the star.


Yes, www.gmail.com works fine, but it is always changing and not for the better either.  They recently changed the familiar COMPOSE message creation process to use a small window at the lower right instead of the familiar big window.  I guess you can sort through some obscure settings to do something about, but who has the time?

To be sure you can expand the little guy, but why make the tiny guy the default?  Go with what you had as the standard.

Also, what's with this colours and transparency thing?  Some of the facilities just plain don't jump out at you.  Again does the ordinary user have a settings option?

The whole interface looks murky.  www.hotmail.com is much cleaner and easier to use.

Also, what happened to the facility for opening documents in Google Docs?  That has been eliminated from the standard.  How come?  Maybe it's because Google Docs is full of bugs, which it is.

Let's live up to your reputation Google.  And oh, while I'm at it.  How about the confused user interface that exists on some of the Android based pads.  Don't you have a standard?

Let's hope they mature as a company.  At least Google search is clear, simple and easy to use.

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Sunday, January 05, 2014