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 Are you willing to pay more taxes so your services won't be reduced?

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We toss out duplicate votes from the same source

Absolutely not.  There are some services being provided that need not be provided such as those being provided to only select interest groups.  Let's hope our Council actually reviews the budget than just blindly accept it.  It should be reviewed on a line-by-line basis with staff fully justifying each expense and revenue item.

absolutely!the cost of providing theservices we have increases yearly dueto operating costs.We should all be prepared for this.

Already pay away more taxes than what's needed if some of these so call politicians would stop the wasteful spending and stop giving it away to other country's 

Already pay too much!

Become more efficient and less wasteful to maintain the same services and thereby reduce taxation instead of focusing on constantly increasing taxes.

Better management of existing tax base is really what is needed.

Cut back on policing, summer staffing,landfill weigh booth cut back to one person per shift,there is lots of area's to cut back on.

cut out things like "Good Road Conventions".These perks will save $$$$KKK.

Haven't we been doing that for what seems like forever?My taxes are up and my services are down, when you add on the extra user fees for bag tags,etc we are being taxed to the max!

I believe it is highly important to keep social services funded along with our LOCAL police and fire departments.

I consider picking up bags of leaves,xmas trees to be a few of the over the top of stupid things that we  have to pay for -  get a GRIP people.

I enjoy having a pretty town with good policing and streets cleared with snow.

I would be wise to get rid of some of the town vehicles. They should not be for personal use. I get sick and tired of seeing 2 and 3 students driving around!

I'm tired of paying more taxes and unfortunately it seems the more we pay, the less we get - no more leaf pickup in the fall, no more Christmas tree pickup.  The way I see it, services are being reduced whether we pay more taxes or stay the same. 

It depends on which services are under consideration. The public has insufficient information to vote responsibly.

It is time to be financially responsible and start looking after the whole instead of the few.

Maybe...depends on which service and % increase

My pension isn't increasing.Not everyone works for Bruce Power.Too many overpaid town employees.Cut some salaries or cut some positions.Let the users pay for any pool!Get Rob Ford here to cut the Gravy Train!

No  increase in taxes.  Council must learn to say no. council must learn to cut back.  Maybe some decrease in staff and staff wages.

NO MORE TAX HIKES .. the disabled, poor, elderly and those on fixed incomes, as well as the working poor can't take much more of this.  When will Saugeen Shores council this?  We all don't work at Bruce Power in this Town!

Not until council takes steps to make the taxes paid by lakefront homeowners be on par with the rest of the town.We already pay more than our fair share of taxes.

Only if municipal wages/benefits and number of staff are curtailed/reduced.  No more new administration buildings.

reduce some services

Service costs are subject to inflation, too. Therefore they will increase. Impossible to have the same services and no tax increase.

Taxes continue to creep up as we receive fewer services - remember the days of no bag tags for garbage collection as one example?

The annual tax and fee increases are adversely affecting those on fixed incomes, yet again.

The taxes are way too high now. This town has become  a town for only the rich. The ordinary person can  barely afford to live here any more. We are not all Bruce Power workers or retired rich people.


There is way too much waste.  Example read the article on the police service budget regarding the by law officer.  Why are we paying more just to have warnings issued?

they took garbage off taxes... we now pay for bagtags !taxes didn't go down ! town should reduce administrative waste AND my taxes

we are overtaxed now

We are taxed to death now!Every one just wants a few dollars here and a few there but it adds up to a lot of money and going much faster than our pensions.

what services  garbage and blue box

What services?

Within reason.  I'm a firm believer in zero based budgeting.  So each department in the Saugeen Shores municipality should with transparency have to defend their spending needs.I have concerns with the need for the size of some of the departments

Yes, we can't expect to keep receiving services without increasese that at least match inflation, and cover increased costs such as gas


Are you willing to pay more taxes so your services w








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Friday, January 10, 2014