Car slides into ditch on the B-line
By Liz Dadson


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This car was discovered resting in the south ditch, at the "S" bends along the B-line (Bruce County Road 23), Saturday morning

The car in the ditch along the B-line Saturday morning

Snow and high wind created a slippery scenario along the B-line (Bruce County Road 23), Saturday morning.

The "S" bends at Lorne Beach Road, just south of the Tiverton-Inverhuron Line (Bruce County Road 15), were especially treacherous as snow drifted across the roadway.

So, it was not surprising to find a car had slid off the road and into the south ditch at that location.

Motorists will have to be even more diligent over the next couple of days, as heavy snowfall and blowing and drifting snow are expected to make driving even more difficult.

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Saturday, January 04, 2014