4-H Dairy Club



 Jason Emke (back, left) of the Walkerton Farm Credit Corporation, presents show halters to the first-year members of the Kincardine 4-H Dairy Club and their calves, Jordyn Surridge (L), Shannon Ross with "Gretta," Jayden Shelton, Kelsey Padfield with "Lou," Claire Coenen, Ashley McConnell with "Violet," and Makayla McGregor. Absent is Billie Patterson. 

Kincardine 4-H Dairy Club members spent Thursday clipping their calves and practising their showmanship skills, under the guidance of their leaders, at the farm of Calvin McConnell, north of Armow. Jason Emke of the Farm Credit Corporation in Walkerton, was also on hand to present first-year members with show halters.

 Jacob Farrell works with his calf, "Raquel"

Dakota Smith tries to get her calf, "Poppy," to stand properly during showmanship practice

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24/07/2009 07:25 PM

Claire Coenen (L) clips her calf under the watchful eye of Morgan Padfield

 Tommy Harris takes his calf, "Sadie," for a walk around the ring


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