Rev. Chuck Beaton Celebrates 50 years in the United Church

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The Beaton family

(L-R) Back Row:  Brother-in-law Graham Sweeney, Andrew Beaton-Williamson, Alyssa & Jonathan Beaton

Front Row: Sister June Sweeney, daughter Miriam Beaton-Williamson, Reverend Chuck Beaton and wife, Jean, and daughter-in-law Lynn Beaton

The Clergy

Reverend Chuck Beaton, Rev. Pat Mackay (ret'd), Rev. Eleanor Russ (ret'd) & Southampton United Church Minister, Reverend Keith Reynolds

Reverend Chuck Beaton celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination on Sunday, October 21st, at Southampton United Church.

Beaton was ordained on June 7, 1962 in Edmonton but  served most of his time as a minister in Ontario.

Reverend Chuck Beaton and wife, Jean

"We started out in Uranium City, Saskatchewan," said wife, Jean, "where we moved when I was expecting our first child.

"We met in Edmonton," said long-time friend, Reverend Don Parr.  "Chuck was enthusiastic and had many strengths and we could see that he had great potential and Jean added to his ministry in a wonderful way."

Beaton and Parr eventually ended up working together as a 'team ministry'.  "A team approach isn't for everybody," said Parr, "but for us it worked.  Chuck was able to reach out to the young people and families and, I must say, it was the best time of my ministry." 

The Beatons moved into Hamilton to take over the ministry of Olivet United Church where, according to Parr, Beaton was able to reach out to the men of the community because of his down-to-earth approach and love of sailing.

Beaton has, in fact, long had a love of sailing inherited from his father, Captain Horace Beaton, a Great Lakes ship captain, who was credited with saving 200 passengers on the ship, the Hamonic, that burned and sunk.

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"When we were young graduates," said Beaton, "we thought we would revolutionize the church.  "I felt I was truly called to the church.  None of the churches were easy but the people were good and I am deeply indebted to the lay people who have served in each of them."

"My wife, Jean, kept in touch with our families when I was pre-occupied and was able to relate to everyone through her music.  I couldn't have done it without her," lauded Beaton.

Today, the Beatons sing in the Southampton United Church choir and are still very involved in the church while Reverend Beaton still preaches as a substitute for ministers in the area who are on leave or vacation.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012