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January 17, 2014

There was a collision at one of the main intersections in Southampton - Grosvenor and High Streets. 

It is a bad intersection to begin with.  On one corner is the Post Office, on another is the historic Walker House, on yet another is the only bank in Southampton and then there is Duffy's restaurant on the fourth corner. The result?  One of the busiest intersections in Southampton.

While there is a two-way stop on Grosvenor heading both north and south, unfortunately, there is no restriction of any kind on High Street (the main street of downtown).

In most instances, it is very difficult for those leaving the stop signs to see moving traffic on High Street in either direction but, again, unfortunately, some driving on High Street also drive too fast.

In a community where much of the population is also older, walking from one corner to another can be dicey, particularly as there isn't even a marked crosswalk. 

Also, during the summer, when the community becomes a tourist destination and the population at the very least doubles, the intersection is an even busier hub.

The advice or suggestion?  One would be ... slow down - particularly on High Street.  There is angled parking with cars backing out and people trying to walk across the intersection to get their mail and do their banking.

Drive according to the conditions, particularly, in the winter, when streets and roads can be treacherous,


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