Life-long Bruce County resident celebrates 90 years


January 26, 2014

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 Bill Parks and daughter Janice Nickel

Bill Parks

There are few who can claim to be a true 'Bruce County' boy, but Bill Parks can.  He was born at home on January 21st, 1924 near the small hamlet of Dornoch in rural Ontario and lived his entire life in the County.

"I worked for National Grocers when every town had a general store and had to stock their shelves with groceries, but those days are gone with the large super stores like Loblaws," he said.  "All I really wanted to do anyway was farm."

He and his wife, Gean, lived and worked on their farm in Elsinore where they had their one daughter, Janice (Nickel). 

Parks said that when it came to growing, there wasn't much that he couldn't grow.  "People told me that nothing would grow on the land I had, but I had no trouble with it.  I grew hay and wheat that I sold, had horses and about 19 head of cattle.

Parks, who now lives at Hampton Court Retirement Home in Southampton, celebrated his 90th birthday with many of his friends who dropped by.


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When asked what he thought of the winter the area has this year, Parks scoffed, "Winter?  You haven't seen winter unless you lived through the winter of  '47.  We had 20 feet of snow and it stormed for days on end!"

Happy Birthday Bill

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