MedLINCS receives funding from Saugeen Shores


January 29, 2014


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Saugeen Shores recently approved a donation of $3500 in its 2014 budget to MedLINCS, a clinical elective through Western University for local grades 10 and 11 students of Grey and Bruce counties.

MedLINCS stands for Medical Learning IN Community Settings and is now entering its ninth year with over two hundred students having completed the program.

Several students who participated have gone on to careers in the health field, including nine who are now registered nurses (RNs), five of whom work locally; one will graduate at OVC next year; one has completed kinesiology and is studying chiropractic; two have graduated in EMS; one is studying cell biology and genetics at UBS and yet another is studying psychology at McMaster University.

Over the past eight years, funding for the program has come from the municipalities of Brockton and South Bruce with annual assistance from Huron-Kinloss and start-up assistance form Arran-Elderslie and Kincardine.

Saugeen District Secondary School in Port Elgin has had 15 students participate in the program with more than 50 students from each of Kincardine and Walkerton in addition to those from other regional high schools.

MedLINCS also provides an elective for three medical students, through the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry of Western University, with six weeks of rural experience with local family physicians.

It also organizes a one-week teaching program for 30 high school students to help them explore health field careers in their own communities that culminates in a mock disaster teaching situation.   [Formerly MedQuest Click Here to see mock disaster teaching].

Saugeen Shores Town Council decided tht the $3500  will come from the Doctor Recruitment Fund.


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Wednesday, January 29, 2014