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 Was the Federal Gov't right to ban incandescent light bulbs?

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A simply way to appease environmentalists. But what does this say about the "less government is good government" Conservatives amongst us? This is poor policy, either way -- and just in time for an election!

another ridiculous situation awaits us...geting rid of the dangerous chemicals in the "new and improved" bulbs.

Ban should not be introduced until safe disposal sites for old Compact Fluorescent bulbs are in place. Mercury is not a good thing to place in the landfills. Perhaps we should take our old bulbs to the nearest MP officePaul Salter

CFL are dangerous.  Too many instance of failures that can result in fire if bulb was unatteded

Gov't should be concentrating on running the country no worrying about trivial things like. light bulbs

I don't think that the government has any business in my house weather I light it with candles or bulbs. I am feeling bullied into something that I don't any part of!!

I personally don't use them .. but its my choice.  I don't want the higher utility bills.  If you want to use them and pay higher bills, be my guest.  It should be up to the person.  If they banned smoking they would be doing something, wouldn't they!

it is up to the people to monitor their electricity usage

It's about time the government did something for the environment.

Just another way for people pay more for a product so the government gets more taxes.

more gvmt bulshit,somone getting their pockets lined by croocket officials.

No it was not okay for them to ban these bulbs. But once again it our irresponsible government making our life changing decisions for us. Is it's truly just about the numbers for reelection or do they care about our health. question: May we as a citizen enter their homes and see what kind of bulbs they use, then make an informed decision.

no we don't need change

NO!!!!! This government is far too intrusive in our lives...If they are concerned about energy effect, they should look to the tar sands, the necessity for new rail cars...so much they encourage is wrong!

No, just like there decision to build the windmills. They only generate 3% and we don't need anymore generating capacity as a lot of manufacturing plants are closing or moving

No, not in light of the CFL safety issues.

Not before they have developed a safe and affordable alternative.

Now we go toxic.  This will all end up in the landfill.  Once again our very bright government shows just how dim witted they really are.

The alternatives often do not last and are expensive. Heat from incandescent bulbs help heat houses anyway.

The choice should be personal.LED's are very expensive at this time.

The common toxic compact fluorescents (CFLs)causes silver flashes in the eyes of some people. Also there are reports that they are all the increase of migraine headaches in some people.

The gov't should stop imposing on the citizens especially when the cost is so high.

the ice cream cones don't give us enough light

The only reason is tax generating nothing to with energy saving.

There isn't enough light in that government right now to even match 100 watts incandescent. What!

There's nothing wrong with incandescent bulbs.  They're a lot safer than the CFL's with mercury in them.  No Government will dictate to me what type of bulb I decide to use.  I wish they'd be as diligent in finding ways to reduce wasteful spending--lol.

They are far to keen on getting in peoples faces. These light bulbs are far safer than all others

They are forcing us to use more costly and environmentally dangerous alternatives. They would be better off to focus on cleaning up the tar sands than the poor little light bulb.

they should have better things to do to maintain our infrastucture & health care than to worry about how we light our homes. JHC

Unresolved issues are apparent !

We are being subjected to more and more rules, laws and regulations.  I am now 77 years old. HOW ON EARTH DID I MAKE IT TO THIS AGE WHEN OUR GENERATION WAS EXPOSED TO SO MANY DANGEROUS SITUATIONS AND POOR CHOICES?

What next. Too much "dogooder" government running our lives. It should be my choice. Economics should prevail not new laws.

Who is going to call in a hazmat team to clean up a broken light bulb?  No one.

Your previous poll was with respect to municipal taxes.  Incandescent light bulbs cost much less than other bulbs.  By banning incandescent bulbs the federal government has just increased my cost of living so profits will increase for the manufacturer and additional taxes in the form of HST.



Are you willing to pay more taxes so your services w








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Friday, January 31, 2014