Readers say ranking process is flawed

February 10, 2014


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To the Editor:

Dan Russell & G.C. Huston School:


Dan has done a great job in defending why not to judge solely by the statistics. My son-in-law is a Grade 4 teacher in Owen Sound and although he does not know Dan , he knows of him and the strides taken at  G.C. Huston since his taking over.


On a more personal note, I have had the pleasure of working with Dan this year in establishing a school salmon hatchery at G.C. Huston. This is one of the 17 schools the Lake Huron Fishing Club [ funding by Bruce Power & LIBRO ] partners with in Bruce County. Danís enthusiasm for what this program offers all of his students is infectious. 

If I had students of the age to attend G.C. Huston , they would receive an excellent education and life lessons.


I urge Southampton parents to get behind Dan and not let G.C. Huston be judged unfairly.


Robert Greason Ė Secretary L.H.F.C.


To the Editor:


In response to the editorial, "Don't believe everything you

read", I commend you on this write-up and I hope a copy is sent to the proper organization that blindly found their information. 


I do not have kids in school but I appreciate

the hard work and dedication that Mr. Russell has shown to these students. 


As these students move forward, they too will appreciate all that G.C. Huston taught them.


Carol Brown,

Saugeen Shores.

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To the Editor:

This editorial is right on the  money.  The statistics which emanate from the Fraser Institute have to be viewed with a grain of salt.  To rank schools while never setting a foot within the building is a flawed process.  Indeed, to rank schools at all  is a questionable endeavor. 

Dan Russell and his staff at GC Huston have created a school which fosters respect, tolerance, and a love of learning which is evident as soon as one enters the front door.  

The students are engaged, made to feel welcome, and are offered many stimulating and varied opportunities to learn.  For example, a Grade Five student I know quite well has been given the opportunity to participate in Instrumental Music, school teams in Flag Football and Basketball, Thursday morning ice hockey (@ 7:15 am), and a House League Program which is second to none.

As well, make no mistake, the learning which is occurring within the classroom is significant. The students are being challenged, and they are accepting the challenge and progress is being made.

Dan Russell and his staff should not have to defend this school.  On the contrary, they deserve our thanks and congratulations for the care, guidance, and direction they are providing for our children.

Eric Combe.

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Monday, February 10, 2014