Evaluating schools is about more than test results

February 10, 2014


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Re: the editorial on GC Huston's ranking in the recent Fraser Institute report, "Don't believe everything you read when it comes to statistics"[ Read Here ].

Just wanted to pass along that I/we (in the Director's Office) think it's a fantastic article which truly puts things into proper perspective. Boards (not just Bluewater) have been saying year after year that evaluating school effectiveness entails much more than just these test results.

Many feel that ranking schools actually does more harm than good and creates a lot of unfair misperceptions. That is certainly true in this case as you so eloquently pointed out.

In addition to sharing your editorial with our senior admin and Dan Russell, I have also tweeted it out on our board Twitter feed. I was sure to include the Ontario Public School Boards' Association in my tweet so that they can share with other boards. I also made sure the Fraser Institute was included so that they can have a read.

Thanks again ... 


Jamie Pettit

Communications Officer

Bluewater District School Board

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Monday, February 10, 2014