Technology Big risk as Apple technology gets hacked 


Written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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Apple pushed to get out a new release of their operating system on Friday with a patch for an   encryption issue that opens iPhone, iPad and Mac computer users  to attack.

According to the respected ZDNet:

"A man-in-the-middle attack seamlessly intercepts communication and more, like unencrypted passwords between yourself and your intended recipient or website, and according to OWASP, "the attacker acts as a proxy, being able to read, insert and modify the data in the intercepted communication."

A malicious entity could also impersonate a trusted website to install malware or steal valuable data, such as in September when Belgium's largest telecom provider Belgacom was hacked and exploited via fake LinkedIn and Slashdot pages."

This is more in the sad story of Apple users thinking they are safe from malware.  The malware people are working hard to disrupt Apple users.

Any iphone, ipad or MAC users should as soon as possible get patches for the defective operating systems and seek malware protection software.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014