YIMBY housing award presented to Saugeen Shores pair
By Liz Dadson

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Francis McEvenue (L), chairman of the YIMBY (Yes, In My Back Yard) Team, an initiative of Bruce County Housing, presents the 2013 housing award to Rodger Crane and Jeff Carver of Saugeen Shores, Thursday morning at the county housing committee meeting

Jeff Carver and Rodger Crane of Saugeen Shores are surprised and excited to receive the 2013 housing award, presented by the YIMBY (Yes, In My Back Yard) Team, an initiative of Bruce County Housing.

The award recognizes excellence, innovation and dedication in creating affordable and supportive housing in Bruce County, and was presented Thursday morning at the county housing committee meeting.

Francis McEvenue of the YIMBY Team, noted this is the third annual award. The first went to Miracle Place in Wiarton, and the second to Community Living of Kincardine and District in Kincardine.

"When I went outside today, it was a frosty, cold morning, but the sun was shining brightly," said McEvenue. "The windshield of my car was frosted over but there was one corner where the sun had started to melt the frost. Rodger (Crane) and Jeff (Carver) are like the sunshine, helping to provide affordable housing where it is needed in this community."

Carver and Crane have discovered a passion for building sustainability through commercial and residential development of downtown Port Elgin.

In rebuilding The Wismer House and revitalizing the former "Jangles," building, many new full-time jobs were created.

Their next project is to renovate the JK Motel, creating 11 affordable housing units within the downtown where employment is available.

Crane said they hope to have the outside finished by the end of March or the first of April, and the inside of two display units completed by May so people can view them.

The condominium complex will include 10 two-bedroom units and one one-bedroom unit, at a selling price of $140,000 to $150,000.

"This project will draw people to live in the downtown," said Carver. "They work downtown, so it's important to provide affordable housing there as well."

The pair said negotiations to purchase the JK Motel took about a year, and the sale closed November, 2013.


As to winning the YIMBY housing award, Carver said they are surprised and excited.

"It's great to be recognized when we are completing a project like this," he said. "It will inspire other people to provide affordable housing which is desperately needed in this community."

The YIMBY housing award is presented each year to a deserving individual(s), non-profit organization or private sector organization that meets the following criteria:

  • Impact - the impact efforts have had, or will have on Bruce County residents
  • Innovation - the creativity utilized in the approach and results
  • Commitment - the dedication required to reach the housing vision or achievement

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Thursday, March 06, 2014