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'Paying it Forward'

(L) Murray Purdy and Janice Thomson, (MaryEllen Harrigan in the background)

Murray Purdy and Janice Thomson have had their share of trouble but, they have also had the support of the community.

According to Janice, in 15 years, Murray has  " ... never had so much as a cold..." but all that changed this year.  Within six months, Purdy had pancreatic surgery, then a heart attack and, now, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

"There is nothing like living in a smaller community," says Thomson, "where people are so supportive.  We have had people doing things like cutting our grass and even delivering homemade soup.  It has been absolutely amazing."

One day Thomson stepped out of a store and on to a dropped lottery ticket.  There was no name on it but it was worth $100.  Despite their misfortune with Murray's health issues,  "We decided to use the money in a very small way to 'pay it forward'," says Thomson.  "We kept $10 in an envelope on the fridge in the event we had a charity call at the door for funds.  The rest we used to pay for a morning's coffee and muffins at Harrigan's in Southampton.  Anything left over, we decided to donate to the Food Bank.  This is all about 'paying it forward'."

Today, Thomson works part time at Harrigan's Food Market in Southampton.  Purdy, who worked at Canadian Tire, is now unable to work but his son has been able to take on his job at the company.  "The Mowbray family (Canadian Tire owners) has been wonderful," says Thomson.  "The support we have received from Southampton, Port Elgin and Paisley has been amazing."



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Tuesday, May 22, 2012