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Most everyone has heard that there is a connection between music and numbers, but how about the tight connection between Music and Geometry?

On Friday May 25th, Mike Sterling will open that beautiful world for us.  See the notice in the right column.

In addition he will show his geometrically inspired musical instrument, 'The Bernoulli'.

Of course music is not all numbers or shapes, it is Passion!  Music touches souls and there are none better to touch your soul than Sandy Lee Lindsay and Harry Carson.

Sandy Lee can sing from the Phantom of the Opera to the Beatles and she will do just that.  Having performed all over Canada in concert, she will touch your heart

Harry Carson, well known in the Detroit area for his piano interpretations will accompany  Sandy Lee and will also assist Mike as he develops the connection between music and geometry.

So Act 1 is Geometry and Music and Act 2 is all about the passion of music.

Come and enjoy the connection and the Beauty.

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The Geometry and Passion of Music
Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre Southampton
Friday May 25, 2012
7:30pm - 10pm
Doors Open at 7pm
The Geometry
Music has a hidden connection to geometry and nature.  Be informed and intrigued by a presentation by mathematician Mike Sterling
The Passion
A performance by singer Sandy Lee Lindsay and pianist Harry Carson from Detroit
Intermission & Cash Bar
Members and Students $8, Public $12

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Saturday, May 19, 2012