Paws promotion raises $1,600
for local cat rescue

By Liz Dadson

The Pet Page

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The Paws promotion held at Pet Valu in downtown Kincardine has raised more than $1,600 for the Allies for Alley Catz rescue operated by Donna Coughlan and Phil White in Kincardine.

Store manager Carole Robinson said that thanks to the generosity of the community, the promotion saw $1,500 raised in just two weeks.

Part of that generosity was courtesy of Brian Weppler who donated $325 to the cause, increasing the total to $1,641.

"You have to do what you can to help rescue these animals," said Weppler. "I usually help out with the charity dinner every year but I had to work this year. So, I made a donation to the cause. It's something I can do."

Robinson said the goal for the "Buy a Paw, Help a Pet" promotion is now $2,000. It runs to the end of April.

Coughlan has 16 cats at the rescue, including newcomers "Percy," "Buddy," and "Ty."

"Percy" is a one-year-old male tabby cat who is very friendly.

"Buddy" is a two-year-old male, charcoal grey with a white chest, who is very cuddly.

"Ty" is a male, also charcoal grey in colour, and about one to one-and-a-half years old.

On hand at the Pet Appreciation event Sunday afternoon at Pet Valu, were "Percy" and "Buddy," as well as "Smokey," a six-month-old, male, long-haired black cat. He was among three to four cats dropped off at the farm of Coughlan's sister, Karen MacDonald, on the Northline.

"I told her to bring the cat in and see if we could find a good home for him," said Coughlan.

If you can offer a cat a home, contact Coughlan at dcoughlan@tnt21.com

Carole Robinson (L), manager of Pet Valu in Kincardine, wears a cat costume, and holds "Smokey"  

Donna Coughlan (L) of Allies for Alley Catz, holds "Percy" so Brian Weppler can pet him, Sunday afternoon at Pet Valu

Phil White holds "Buddy"

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Monday, April 16, 2012