IC Greenhouses springs into action, gearing up
for open house in May

By Liz Dadson

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Ida Piel (R) operates the "puncher", transplanting seedlings into flats of soil-less mix that have been run through the water tunnel by Kristi Van Rooyen

Flowers are blooming and it smells like spring at IC Greenhouses, located about two miles east of Highway 21 on the 6th Concession of Huron-Kinloss.

Owner/operator Ida Piel and her staff are planting, transplanting, and tagging plants, as they gear up for the Spring Open House in May.

Transplanting has become an assembly line system, with Piel operating the "puncher" which puts the seedlings into flats of soil-less mix.

Thanks to the ingenuity of Piel's husband, Bert, the flats are filled by machine and then run through a water tunnel before becoming home to thousands of seedlings.

Marilyn Lauzon (L) and Etty Broer tag the flats of salvia

Donna Fitzgerald tags a flat of salvia

The greenhouses are already full of beautiful flowers, including geraniums, petunias, and impatiens in every size and colour, as well as exotic plants such as ferns and firetail chenille.

IC Greenhouses also carries vegetable plants, trees and shrubs. The warm weather in March had customers already dropping by to check out what was in stock.

The greenhouses are open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  And it's never too early to think of the perfect gift of a hanging basket or planter for your mom on Mother's Day, May 13.


There are lots of flowers already available in the greenhouses

Beautiful ferns

Kristi Van Rooyen runs the flats of soil-less mix through the water tunnel

Firetail Chenille

Cotton Candy Supertunias

Fancy Impatiens

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Monday, April 02, 2012