Traffic stops result in drugs and intoxication charges

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March 23, 2012

Police attended a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Elgin and Wellington Streets in Port Elgin. Two vehicles were involved in the collision. There were no injuries but both vehicles were damaged. The vehicle being driven eastbound on Elgin Street failed to stop for the stop sign. The driver was charged under the Highway Traffic Act.

A police officer had a near miss while investigating a traffic offence on Railway Street in Southampton. The officer was investigating a speeding offence. As the officer was returning to the police cruiser a northbound vehicle came within inches of striking the police officer. All emergency lights on the police cruiser were activated at the time. The vehicle was subsequently stopped and the driver indicated that he observed the cruiser lights but not the police officer. The driver was charged under section 159 of the Highway Traffic Act.

Motorists are reminded that upon approaching an emergency vehicle with its emergency lights activated, you are required to slow down and proceed with caution to ensure that you do not endanger any person. If you are on a multi-lane highway you are also required to move into another lane, if the movement can be made in safety.

March 24, 2012

Police investigated a suspicious vehicle in Southampton and the traffic stop resulted in the seizure of marijuana and a substance believed to be crack cocaine. The driver was charge with Possession of a controlled Substance.

At approximately 10:30pm, police attended at the intersection of Eugenie and Waterloo Streets in Port Elgin in regards to a pedestrian being struck by a motor vehicle. Two pedestrians were walking southbound on Waterloo Street and as they were crossing the intersection at Eugenie Street one of the pedestrians was struck by a vehicle. The vehicle had been eastbound on Eugenie Street. The victim suffered minor injuries. The incident is still under investigation.

Shortly after 11:00pm, a vehicle was stopped in Southampton in regards to an expired licence plate validation sticker. The driver was found to have been consuming alcohol. The police officer made a demand that the driver provide a breath sample for a roadside alcohol screening device. The driver refused to comply with the demand. The driver was charged with Failing to Comply with the Demand contrary to the Criminal Code.

March 25, 2012

A male, age 53, was arrested on Gustavus Street for Being Intoxicated in a Public Place. Police observed the man having difficulty walking. It was apparent

that he had fallen and injured his face. He advised police that he was heading home but did not believe the police officer when he was told that he was heading in the wrong direction. He was taken to the police station and held until a family member was able to attend and pick him up. A charge was laid under the Liquor Licence Act.

Police received a complaint of mischief at a Church on Market Street in Port Elgin. A section of fence was damaged overnight.


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