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 Badly needed..go for it!

 Cut all day kindegarden it is no more  than a glorified babysitting service   and an expensive one at that. The   Province cannot afford it and the   money should go into health care.

 he didn't say anything about the Greed  Energy Act which will continue costing  us more while we give the surplus power  away. 

 if we dont buckle down now and try to   save money..its going to be tooo late   and we will end up like the United States a third world country...

 its time w got rid of tht half wit   spendthirift.

 Lets get started before it is to late.

 Maybe Drummond and a few of the   goverment people should be put on the   soup line for a few months until they   come back down to earth and then put   them back into power and see if they   are any smarter and wiser about   spending our money!What a bunch of   idiots 

 Most of the overspending is done at the   board level. The trustees of the   Bluewater board could instantly save   money by closing 4 unnecessary high   schools. However  they continue to   twiddle their thumbs.

 next step is to implement them. But   knowing Premier Dad  most will be   rejected and only a few will be used    but in a watered down state

 none of the big people who got into   this mess have taken a hit 

 Out with McGuinty and put someone in  government that has some fiscal  responsibility.

 Private sector = hare  public sector   = turtle.  Private gets all the perks   of economic up turns and expects the   public sector to pay for down turns.   The turtle trudges along slowly to the   finish line  while the hare sprints   and tires easily.

 Something needs to be done  but its   the WASTEFUL spending at the top that   needs to be addressed  not putting   more on the poor!

 The problem is not with the programs   in place or the finding of   efficiencies. The problem is with the   reduced taxation levels instigated a   number of years ago. The rich don't   care  they can buy what ever services   they desire. Once again it is the   average working taxpaying Ontarian that   has to suffer the consequences. 

 too much of essential programs   reductions

 Tough measures are required but it  would make it easier to accept if  everyone bore the burden  including the  rich and the large banks and corporations.

 We need to get serious once and for   all about reducing our deficit and   budget overruns.

 wondering if it is just spin   doctoring given that Drummond was hand   picked by McGuinty and the report was   actually complete in October 2011.

Dolton called for the report and now he  doesn't want to follow the  recommendations. Ontario is in trouble  and its costing everyone BIGTIME!

It's time that Dalton McGuinty stops   giving free handouts using money from   the tax payer and from borrowed money    for the prime purpose to make himself   look good. Stop this short term   political gain and long term pain to the   hard working people of Ontario.  

The problem is that the political   morons who got us in this mess are the   ones who need to implement Drummonds   solutions.  I don't think they've got   the 'stones'! 

We are going broke but the political   will (leadership)does not exist









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Saturday, March 31, 2012