Lunch with the Principal

March 19, 2014


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It was lunch with the Principals of all three public schools in Saugeen Shores ... G. C. Huston (Southampton), Northport (Port Elgin) and Saugeen Central (Port Elgin)

G. C. Huston Principal, Dan Russell, with his proud students

Five students from each public school in Saugeen Shores, G. C. Huston (Southampton), Northport Public and Saugeen Central (Port Elgin), were treated to lunch with their Principals thanks to Aunt Mabel's County Kitchen in Port Elgin.

"We just wanted to recognize students who deserve to be rewarded in some small way," said Aunt Mabel's owner, Glenda Miller.  "Aunt Mabel was a teacher herself so what better way to recognize students than to treat them to 'lunch with their Principals'."

G.C. Huston Principal, Dan Russell, leads the students in applause of appreciation for Aunt Mable's owner, Glenda Miller (L)

According to G. C. Huston Principal, Dan Russell, five students will be selected twice this year for Aunt Mable's 'Lunch with the Principal' program.  The first group of students ranged from Gr. 4 through 8 and, at the end of the year, a second group of students will be recognized.

Each student had a personalized placement lauding their achievements


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"It's a wonderful experience for the students," says Russell. "They are being recognized and rewarded for all their hard work and leadership abilities.  It's also a terrific indication of the generosity of our community partners such as Aunt Mabel's."

Students from Saugeen Central school, with Principal Deborah Rayner, proudly show off their personalized placemats



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Wednesday, March 19, 2014