Heritage Fair winners to go on to regional competition

March 15, 2014


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Alex George, Grace Salmon, Rachel Shave, Kelsey Shular & Tori Sutter-Lammie

Museum hosted the various Heritage displays

The Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre (BCM&CC) offers its congratulations to the winners and participants in the recent Local Heritage Fair held at the Museum March 5, 2014.  Nine participants will be taking part in the Regional Fair at Grey Roots Museum & Archives on April 24.

The Local Heritage Fair is a partnership between the BCM&CC and G.C. Huston Public School in Southampton.  Students in grades four through eight were asked to create a project concerning Canadian History.  The project included both a poster and oral presentation lasting fifteen to twenty minutes in length. 

Students were marked on a number of criteria, including originality and relevance.  In all, 65 projects were judged by volunteers.  Topics ranged from local icons and places to those considered more national. 

Cole Sedore

On the evening of March 5, more than 80 family members supported the students’ efforts by examining the projects on display.  They were also able to see the winners chosen by the judges. 

Emma Hingston

Four classes of students were judged.  In each class, first, second and third place were recognized, with the judges choosing the regional contenders.  Those include:  Cole Sedore – CN Tower, Emma Hingston – Shipwrecks of Tobermory, Alex George - Aboriginal Elders, Tori Sutter-Lammie & Kelsey Shular - Bruce Coast Lighthouses, Rachel Shave - National Parks on Great Lakes, Grace Salmon - Nellie McClung, Kennedy Nichol & Alyssa Trumbley - Canadian Delicacies, Angelina Barone - Chris Hadfield, and Darin Shular - Women in WWII.

Darin Shular

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Angelina Barone


The following is a complete list of winners:


Grade 4/5 - Mr. Andrew Easthope

1st   - Cole Sedore - CN Tower

2nd  - Emma Hingston - Shipwrecks of Tobermory

3rd   - Matt Smith & Donovan Henry - HMS General Hunter


Grade 5/6 Class - Mrs. Judy Stoner

1st  - Angelina Barone - Chris Hadfield

2nd - Darin Shular - Women in WWII

3rd  - Connor Chapman - Hockey Players – Best of past, present, future


Grade 7 - Mr. Colin Alexander

1st -  Kennedy Nichol & Alyssa Trumbley - Canadian Delicacies

2nd - Rebecca Maclmolle - Tim Horton’s Camps

3rd  - Bridgett Root - Wampum Belts


Grade 7/8  - Miss. Stacey Dunlop

1st  -  Alex George - Aboriginal Elders

2nd - Tori Sutter-Lammie & Kelsey Shular - Bruce Coast Lighthouses

3rd  -  Rachel Shave - National Parks on Great Lakes


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Saturday, March 15, 2014