Science/DGR What is Radiation? 


Written by Mike Sterling for Canadian Community News

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The video above is 4 minutes long and is a good refresher for our early science classes.  Half life is explained

Notice that the decay moves right along for nuclear medicine.

 Also it is exponential decay because it looks like  1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc or in general 1/2n where n goes from 1 to infinity.  Notice the exponent n. That's where the name comes from in the two words 'Exponential Decay'.

Julie, from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, shows all the essentials with the Jelly Beans although she eats the last one. Nice way to end the lesson.

Converting the  sequence into an  series we have pluses rather than commas and the sum of the series is magically (drum roll)...... ONE:  Nice that it is so in tune with reality eh?

1/2+1/4+1/8+...+ 1/2n   sums to one. 

You have to know  the doses that are considered harmless, based upon the radiation source.  There comes a time when no material is left that is radioactive.  But the ONE means that the decay has used up all the unstable isotopes.  Sometime before that depending upon the isotope, it would be deemed safe.

The CNSC lady, Julie, swept the beans off the table briskly.  If she did it over 24 hours, we would get bored. 

Long term decay, like 100,000 years would make us fall asleep for sure.  That kind of time can be left for a DGR.

This shows the power of YouTube. 

Thanks to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission for the well done video.  I hope people look at it.  That's the way to put information out there for all to understand!

Early on in the DGR process people were complaining about, guess what?  They were annoyed at well done presentations and concise, clear written information. 

Any complaints about the video?  Is it too clear?  Is it too well done?  Should it be less informative , maybe amateurish?

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Sunday, March 16, 2014