Budding scientists
at St. Anthony's School

By Liz Dadson



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Several students, in Grades 4-8, at St. Anthony's School, Kincardine, had their work displayed at the science fair, held Wednesday at the school.

The projects tackled a number of issues, including bread mold, rock candy, fruit DNA, giant pandas, red cabbage as a pH indicator, stains, and arrows.

After being viewed by students and staff at the school, the projects move on to the Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board to be judged.

Grace Gudelj, Grade 5, displays her project, "Bread versus Mold," on how to stop bread from going moldy

Isabella Baglole, Grade 5, discovered the "Sciency Treat" of rock candy

Grace Ferrier, Grade 4, studied "The Giant Panda"

Keira Hazzard, Grade 8, discovered that "Red Cabbage is a pH Indicator"

Thomas Veenstra, Grade 8, did his science project on "Science Saves Arrows," finding the best trajectory to shoot arrows so they wouldn't get lost in the high grass, at the St. Anthony's School science fair Wednesday

Julia Di Castri, Grade 8, studied "Fruitful DNA" for her project

Rina Casciano (L) and Julia Ferrier, Grade 5, worked together on their project, "Stain, Stain Go Away"

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014