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A recent survey run by Nature and Scientific American Magazines asked a number of questions about important issues. 

The scale ran from 1 strongly distrust to 5 strongly trust

Here are some of the results:

Question:  Whom do you trust to give accurate information about important issues in society?

Scientists 3.98
Friends or Family 3.09
Non-government agencies 309
Citizens Groups 2.69
Journalists 2,57
Companies 1.78
Elected Officials 1.76
Religious Authorities 1.56

Question:  How much do you trust what scientists say about the following topics

Evolution 4.30
Renewable Energy 4.08
Origin of the Universe 4.00
Stem Cells 3.97
Cancer Causes 3.91
Cancer Cures 3.74
Nuclear Power 3.67
Climate Change 3.66
Autism Causes 3.53
Food Safety 3.44
Vitamins and suppliments 3.42
Genetically modified crops 3.39
Pesticides 3.33
Depression drugs 3.21
Flu Pandemics 3.19

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012