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After the election do you feel better represented?

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 Seems to me that all levels of  government after an election never  start off by saying 'lets' try to do  something good for all the people.  Just the same old stuff...year after  year.


 Unfortunately  the party is better  supported than the elctors.


 MP's and MPP's have no say regarding  major local issues. They are not free  to protect their own constituents. CAW  wind turbine is only one example.


 The local population has grown since  the election  therefore I have a  smaller percentage of representation  now than I did before the election. 

 Who is our MP? Who is our MPP?


 Still lost the jail and the wind  turbine at CAW is still being built   feel like we have no representation at  all on local issues.


 Cons taking Canada in the wrong direction...


 Don't feel I know our Member. Maybe if  she had more presence in Saugeen Shores  I  would feel differently.  She has a lot to  prove and actions will speak louder than  words when it comes to representation. 


 I know that we have finally elected a  Member of Parliament  Lisa Thompson   who will listen to us  will fight for  us and will do everything in her power  to fight for us.


It seems as though I see Lisa Thompson  at every function I attend in Saugeen  Shores. It is obvious  she wants to be  involved.


 Although my party didn't get in   ANYTHING has to be better than what we  had with the Liberal party and Ms.  Mitchell!!


Bill Murdoch was truly a representative of the people and I think MPP Walker will be the same. Lisa Thompson is also stepping up for her constituents and will be a strong voice for the region.  

 I feel awful

 We had poor representation for so  many years  having someone who cares  is a big improvement








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Saturday, February 18, 2012