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A warm front exterior is accentuated with specially designed wooden shutters

Back of house overlooks a golf course

Gary Huston’s Southampton, Ontario home may be 36 years old but, thanks to a recent facelift, it could pass as the new house on the block.

Gary Huston and companion 'Andy'

After he took over the Tyendinaga Drive bungalow a few years ago, Huston knew it had most of the elements he had sought in a house - location being one of them.

The house backs on to a golf course and its large yard is tree-covered ... almost a perfect setting. But its age was showing on the exterior.

He decided it was time to bring in an expert and contacted Carla Pavlov, owner of Southampton-based CR Designs, a company known for the magic it has performed in southern Ontario in the area of interior home design.

Carla Pavlov

Pavlov first offered a colour consultation, taking her inspiration for the exterior colour from the interior of the home.

“By bringing the outside-in and vice versa, you get a beautiful flow to this lovely bungalow,” says Pavlov.

First, she brought the roof colour down onto the house by having a grey-brown shade from the shingle colour repeated on the shutters, using Benjamin Moore’s ‘Willow CC-542’.

The next step was to lower the contrast of the original white siding, soffit, fascia, garage door and window trim against the tone of the brick and roof. Pavlov then decided to give it a “warmer look” by choosing a warm grey tone called ‘Escarpment CC-518’, also by Benjamin Moor Paints.

She said she was inspired by a piece of art in the dining area that features a blue-green colour softly accented throughout the art piece against the same browns and grays found in the woodlands outside. That led her to recommend a favorite of the owner, a colour called ‘Night Train CC-720’, once again by Benjamin Moore.

Some other upgrades to the home are a new roof, garage door, wood shutters, as well as a new covered porch in the back, overlooking the golf course. Huston also plans some landscaping improvements this spring and, of course, his new Lab, “Andy”, will be helping him.

Huston says he is “very pleased” that he brought in CR Designs.  "I can't believe what a difference it makes to bring in an expert who is confident and knows exactly what they are doing.  Carla made a dramatic difference to the house by warming it up through colour that I would never have thought of.  I'd highly recommend her to anyone considering doing renovations to their home or office."

Home staging

Some of the other services CR Designs provides are space planning, lighting, home staging, bedding, drapery, upholstery, furniture selection, carpet and area rugs selection, to name a few.  


New covered sun porch

Carla Pavlov

Despite a snowstorm, the new door and an historic light fixture create a warm welcome in the sheltered entrance.

For your custom interior projects contact CR Designs at 519-797-3821 or on the web at ... www.crinteriordesigns.com.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012