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A special stray cat has been given a new lease on life after successful surgery was completed Tuesday in Guelph, to correct a possible life-threatening overbite.

The public met the little ginger cat, "Milo," at an open house held at Pet Valu in downtown Kincardine Jan. 21.

The cat belongs to Donna Coughlan who runs "Allies for Alley Catz," a cat rescue, at the home she shares with her partner, Phil White, in Kincardine.

Coughlan has had Milo since he was a kitten and the surgery was required in order to adopt him out to a loving home. Without having his incisors removed, the teeth would pierce the top of Milo's palate and into his nasal cavity. This could become infected, and he would be in a lot of pain and unable to eat.

Following the surgery, Coughlan said Milo was kept in isolation at her home, while he recovered. He has many stitches in his lower gum that have to heal. The specialist had to remove the lower incisors and the smaller teeth in between.

"It was a two-and-a-half-hour ride in the truck there and back," said Coughlan. "I was amazed at how fast they got Milo through and released him back to us. The vet at the Hale Clinic and all the technicians and office people were so nice."

Cost of the surgery was expected to be $750, plus more if there were complications. So far, the community has donated almost $900 through donations and draw ticket sales.

Carole Robinson and the staff at Pet Valu continue to sell tickets for the draw, with the first prize an Alicante Cat Tower (cat scratcher); second prize a Crazy Pants Tunnel; and third prize a DaBirde toy and treat. The draw will be made Feb. 14.

"We raised enough to cover all the costs," said Coughlan. "What an amazing and generous community we live in. Thanks to everyone."

"Milo" the day after surgery, recovering nicely
photos courtesy of Donna Coughlan


"Milo" seems to be waving to his fans and saying "Thank you," not long after returning to Kincardine and the home of Donna Coughlan and Phil White Tuesday

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Friday, February 10, 2012