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Do you keep your New Year's resolutions?

Yes or No?








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Absolutely...with as much sincerity as politicians
(local council included) keep their campaign

Always keep my resolution!

So far I am  and I feel very thankful.

Yes that's why i make them keeping them keeps
me motivated!

Don't make 'em!!  Set smaller goals

throughout the year and work on those usually
a lot more successful in meeting those.

Each and every New Year I resolve to not make any
New Years resoloutions.  I've never had a problem keeping it!

Each year I resolve not to make any other
New Year's resolutions and have been able
to keep to that without exception.
I do not make New Years resolutions and havn't for
years.  Therefore I guess I keep them because
I don't make them???

It's almost February.  How much time are you
going to give people to screw up?!







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Saturday, January 28, 2012