"Meet Milo" event raises $650
for cat's surgery

By Liz Dadson

The Pet Page

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"Milo" (R), on Donna Coughlan's shoulders, meets with Ran (L), 6, and Maia Hinchberger, 9 of Kincardine, at Pet Valu in downtown Kincardine Saturday afternoon

It was a special time to meet a special cat named "Milo."

The little ginger cat was on his best behaviour at Pet Valu in downtown Kincardine Saturday afternoon as he met his adoring public.

The cat belongs to Donna Coughlan who runs "Allies for Alley Catz," a cat rescue, at the home she shares with her partner, Phil White, in Kincardine.

Seven-month-old Milo requires surgery to correct a possible life-threatening overbite. Coughlan has had him since he was a kitten and the surgery is now set for 
Feb. 7 in Guelph.

The cost will be $750 for just the operation, plus more if there are complications, says Coughlan. However, the surgery must be done in order to adopt him out to a loving home.

During the operation, a specialist will pull Milo's incisors, Coughlan says. Without the procedure, the teeth would pierce the top of Milo's palate and into his nasal cavity. This could become infected, and he would be in a lot of pain and unable to eat.

Carole Robinson and the staff at Pet Valu agreed to hold the "Meet Milo" fund-raiser at the store Saturday afternoon, welcoming the public to come out and meet the cat.

In addition, they are holding a draw, with the first prize an Alicante Cat Tower (cat scratcher); second prize a Crazy Pants Tunnel; and third prize a DaBirde toy and treat. The draw will be made Feb. 14.

Coughlan says that by Sunday night, the draw ticket sales and donations amounted to $650.

"We are thrilled with all the generous support," she says.

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Libby Betts of Kincardine holds "Milo"

"Milo" is sitting pretty on the top of the Alicante Cat Tower which is first prize in the draw at Pet Valu

Marlene Chornie (L) tries to greet a distracted "Milo," with his owners Donna Coughlan and Phil White

Shari Storms cuddles with "Milo"

"Milo" sits on Phil White's shoulder

"Milo" enjoys meeting Shari Storms (L), and Barb Taylor, with owner Donna Coughlan

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Sunday, January 22, 2012