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The Question

Will you spend less on Christmas this year?

Yes or No?








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Absolutely. In fact will not buy  anything for Christmas until the Boxing  Day sales. Those on the Gregorian  calendar have the right idea and save  literally hundreds of dollars each  year.

Christmas is losing its true meaning. Anyone I buy for has all the 'stuff'  they need. There will be more giving  to needy groups in the name of family  members this year.

How much more do we  need? We have glutted ourselves for  too long. Stop buying for the sake of  buying and if you buy buy North  American products please.

I will basically be spending about the  same amount that I spent last  Christmas.

I will spend less on family and more on  charity this year. It is a hard season  for most folks and I would rather give  to the less fortunate!

It's the thought that counts. Give freely  of yourself  that's the spirit*

I've spent close to the same amount  the last 5 years. I don't go  overboard and I don't use  VISA. Christmas is only as expensive  as YOU make it.

Less to spend thanks to Dalton  McSquinty and his band of thieves!

Money is tight so have to spend less   also plan to use cash and debit  rather than credit cards.








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Tuesday, December 27, 2011