New Saugeen First Nation Youth Centre receives early Christmas gift



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OPG helps Saugeen First Nation Youth Centre

(L) OPG's Lynda Cain, students Richelle Ritchie, Curtis Roote, Jacob Roote and SON Randal Roote

Saugeen First Nation (SON) has undertaken construction on a new Youth Centre and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) brought an early Christmas present in the form of a $10,000 contribution toward the project.

The build is being led by a small but focused committee made up of community youth and Randal Roote, Council member responsible for Youth Services and Issues.

The building will replace a previous one that was used by Saugeen youth until the lease ended and the owner reclaimed the building. 

The new building has been designed with several considerations to meet youth needs in the community including: study areas, meeting room, games area, outdoor recreation area, office space for the coordinator, kitchen, washroom facilities and two safe rooms in addition to handicapped access.

"The safe rooms are for any troubled youth," explains Randal Roote.  "Sometimes teenagers or youth just need a place where they can be by themselves in what they feel is a safe environment."

The project is receiving the full support of council, who donated the land the and initial $150,000 toward construction. 

To increase ownership accountability and reduce some construction costs the |SON Youth will help during various stages of construction.

"OPG's sponsorship will be applied to making this building environmentally sound," explained Lynda Cain.  "We also want to encourage others to 'get on board' and follow OPG's example of local community collaboration."


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Monday, December 19, 2011