A winning year for GM and Bud Rier Chevrolet

March 25, 2014


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General Motors is a double winner in 2014.  It is only the third time that an auto manufacturer has received the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) awards in both car and truck categories.

Held in Detroit in January, Chevrolet's Stingray won Car of the Year and the Silverado pick-up won for Truck of the Year.

The Stingray Corvette, with more than 20 awards, is the auto industry's most awarded car of the year.  The Silverado is all-new from bumper to bumper.  With an engine that can switch from a V8 for heavy towing to fuel-saving four cylinders, the truck is rated at 23 miles per gallon on the highway and offers the best fuel economy of any V8 pick-up.

"One of the most important features for General Motors has been the issue of safety." says Gary Rier of Paisley's Bud Rier Chevrolet, "and the Silverado has the highest possible 5-Star overall vehicle score."

The truck also has features that are some of the most innovative concepts.  In addition to the Dual Concept towing and fuel economy, the Black Ops Concept Silverado also includes a truck vault storage unit with solar panels, gas masks, a first aid kit and shove and rope.

"The 2014 Silverado truck is a real winner," says Rier, "especially with our rural customers here in Bruce County.  They like the tough towing and V8 engine capability but also the fact that it switches to a four-cylinder fuel efficient vehicle for light-driving instances.

To test drive one of the award-winning trucks, call 519-353-5651 or stop in at Bud Rier Chevrolet in Paisley.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014