Students have a unique chance to learn a sport that requires discipline

March 28, 2014



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Students learn how to handle the bow safely and correctly

Kennedy Nichols takes careful aim ...

... at one of the several targets

At G. C. Huston Public School in Southampton, Principal Dan Russell is always beginning new programs that will interest not only students but their families as well.

An accomplished archer, Russell has been teaching students and their parents or family members how to accomplish the basics of archery.

He has acquired several different types of bows and every Thursday evening, different age groups are taught how to use them safely and correctly.

Not only is this an exercise in archery, it is also an exercise in learning.  Each student shoots toward a target with a balloon in the centre and each keeps track of the number of balloons burst ... all counting, of course, is on the honour system.  The key however, is the reward for the students ... they get to choose a book of their choice. 

In this exercise, archery = reading ... and the opportunity for families to bond together in an evening of fun.

Principal Dan Russell ...

... helps a student adjust a bow for tension

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Russell says that there are a couple of students that he would like to see go on to archery competition.

Students and families wait their turn to try target shooting

Rayden Cote-Barnwell explains the different bows

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Friday, March 28, 2014